If you’re looking for a lawn care company that can help you transform your outdoor flowerbeds and plant areas, then look no further than our team at Grass Assassin. Let our team clean, mulch and spruce up your flower beds and landscaping around your house.¬†


Residential & Commercial


Flower beds and gardens can add both visual appeal and value to your property. Mulch plays several important roles in your garden, from weed suppression to temperature regulation. It also maintains moisture levels around plants, providing for a healthier landscape. As part of your flower bed maintenance, whether you are looking to improve your current beds or to have new ones installed, we can deliver and install the mulch of your choice along with a special weed barrier to stave off weeds.

Let the Grass Assassin take care of your lawn needs.

Interested in having us maintain your lawn on a recurring basis, work on a
special project or to cleanup debris?