LAWN SERVICE (recurring & one-time)

Do you want strong healthy grass? Keeping up with your lawn promotes healthy growing, eliminates some pests and prevents invasion and brings about a sense of pride! We offer weekly, bi-weekly and “as needed” mowing services that include standard mowing of your lawn, edging around the driveway, walkways, patios & pools and blowing dust and debris off all solid surfaces. 


Flower beds and gardens can add both visual appeal and value to your property. Mulch plays several important roles in your garden, from weed suppression to temperature regulation. It also maintains moisture levels around plants, providing for a healthier landscape. As part of your flower bed maintenance, whether you are looking to improve your current beds or to have new ones installed, we can deliver and install the mulch of your choice along with a special weed barrier to stave off weeds.


Does your yard need to be spruced up or did a storm recently roll through scattering leaves, sticks, and branches all across your yard and leaving your lawn in total disarray. We offer Lawn Cleanup services to ensure that your lawn looks great!  Wondering where to start when it comes to improving curb appeal and improving the health of your lawn? Avoiding low-hanging branches, debris, or bushes crowding the walkways is the best place to begin, which can all be safety hazards for guests. You can have confidence that we’ll do our best to make you happy and to keep your property looking beautiful.


Do you need an instant lawn? Once sod is installed, your lawn will need less irrigation, provides a denser lawn and prevents soil erosion. Our sod is grown by professional turfgrass farmers here locally, giving your lawn a strong foundation for healthy and beauty. We’ll come in, prep the area and install sod, in many cases in just 1 day!


The main benefit of a privacy fence is that it provides just that – privacy! They also set clear property boundaries, increase security and safety, improve the overall look of your back yard and gives some weather protection. Weather you are looking to repair your fence, replace an existing fence or add a new one, We are here to help! We offer 6′ & 8″ standard privacy fences as well as Board-on-Board (Shadowbox). 

Choosing The Grass Assassin Makes Sense

1. Satisfaction Guarantee – 100% satisfaction 100% of the time. If you are not satisfied with the job we do, we will return until it is right.



2. Competitive Pricing – Our prices are competitive and fair. We provide all customers with an fair price for the outstanding level of expertise and care they receive.



3.  Expert Knowledge and Experience – We take pride in our knowledgeable team with a collective 25+ years experience. We are trained service professionals that provide quality workmanship; lawns maintained at the highest standards.



4.  Commercial Grade & Top of the Line Equipment – We invest in and use only top quality equipment assuring that your lawn is serviced using equipment that meets your lawn’s individual need.



5.  Fully Licensed – We maintain an active business license with the State of Florida.



6·  Fully Insured – Never worry when your property is being serviced. Our insurance coverage includes Florida Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, and a 2 million Commercial General Liability Policy.



7·  Superior Customer Service – Our customers are important to us. From our knowledgeable office staff to our skilled field techs, we serve each customer on an individual basis according to their needs and expectations.



8.  High Customer Retention Rate – We truly care about each customer; not just creating a business relationship but creating a lasting friendship. The personalized experience our customers receive combined with our quality of work keeps our customers returning season after season.



9.  Professionalism – We look and act the part! Our techs are dressed in company attire and arrive on time in marked company vehicles. While at your property all employees conduct themselves with integrity and in a moral and ethical manner.


10. Ease of Process – We arrive when we say we will, we complete the service and we leave. You do not need to be present at time of service, you receive a reminder email the day before and a text 10 minutes prior to arrival. Once a service is completed, you debit or credit card on file will be charged (never before). You can call, email or text us ANYTIME and we actually respond! We doubt you’ll find another team easier to work with or as responsive and as efficient as The Grass Assassin! 


Your satisfaction is our absolute top priority. For this very reason, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If, for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will come back and fix it at no cost! That’s Our Promise.


Interested in having us maintain your lawn on a weekly basis? Need someone to cleanup debris? Complete our super simple form to receive a free, no-obligations, quote.